About Us

Welcome to Kim's Kids Academy!

Our schools saying is from tiny seeds grow mighty trees


  • Christian, English Medium Educare Centre offering an educational programme from birth to GRD R.
  • Grade 000/Grade00/Grade R (CAPS compliant curriculum).
  • Small groups of learners in a class.
  • Beautiful classrooms with fantasy play corners, reading, block and book corners.
  • After care provided (includes lunch and supervised homework). Transport provided at an extra cost to schools in the area.
  • Holiday care.
  • Experienced and qualified teachers.
  • Teachers trained in first aid by Eastern Cape Medical Response, Ambulance service and paramedics on call 24/7.
  • All meals and snacks provided.
  • Beautiful garden to play in with a bike track, swings and so much more.
  • Ample parking
  • CCTV


Progress Reports are given twice a year. (End of term 2 and end of term 4), and Parents Meetings are held on a regular basis. However, please feel free to discuss your child’s progress at any time with the teacher and/or principal.


Regular Family/Social Days, Annual Sports Day, Christmas Concert, Kids Christmas Party and other events are held throughout the year. Other than fundraising, these activities provide an opportunity for parents, children and staff to get to know one another better and many friendships (often lifelong!) are fostered in this manner.


All extra-murals are held on the premises, during the mornings for approximately 30 minutes, once a week. (Please see relevant Pamphlet for fees). Every year there are more and we will send information out regarding them.

  • Monkeynastix
  • Ballet
  • Dancemouse
  • Soccer Stars
  • Clay Play
  • Computers
  • Rugby
  • Experi-buddies
  • Swimming (not held on the property)
  • Kindermusik will be included in the fees.


We are open throughout the school holidays (except public holidays); also if a public holiday falls on a Thursday the Friday will be a school holiday, or of it falls on a Tuesday the Monday will be a school holiday. We follow a holiday program were the children play, do crafts and watch movies. There are no extra murals during the holidays and the little ones enjoy a rest, from their usual weekly themes and work. We close once a year, from late December to early January for a well-deserved break.


Your child will have an A5 book that needs to be sent to school everyday. This is the communication book. All newsletters and information will be put in this book, and will need to be signed. Also information about bottle feeds, potty visits etc will be filled in daily.



The nurturing, education and development of your little one is a three-way partnership between the parent, the child and the teacher (school). It is essential that parents are in daily contact with the person in whose care their child is left. This gives the parent the opportunity to relay anything unusual that has occurred at home which is likely to affect the child’s behaviour. On fetching your little one, the parent can also be informed about the child’s participation in activities, or of any milestones reached.


As a Christian school, we love and respect each child as an individual and encourage them to love and respect one another as well as their teachers, their school, different cultures, the environment and nature, we do it with compassion. We strive to instil in them a spirit of love and caring and, at the same time, build their self-esteem and equip them with the necessary life skills to become the unique, independent, well-adjusted individuals who will someday realize their potential. We use a firm tone (not raised voice) when ’warning’ or reprimanding a child and, should the situation require it, we ‘remove’ them from the situation by spending time in the ‘time-out/thinking’ chair. This gives the child the opportunity to reflect on his/her behaviour and think about their apology. (Time spent on the time-out chair is 1 minute for each year of age). Children are encouraged to apologise, forgive and make friends. Please note that the word ‘punishment’ is not in our vocabulary but ‘firm and fair discipline’, which makes any child, feel more secure. Should parents have other methods of discipline, they are more than welcome to discuss these with the principal. A child is never ‘shouted at, ‘smacked’ or ‘belittled’ in any circumstance whatsoever.

Should there be a serious situation (such as intentional hurting of another child or destructive behaviour, etc.), the parents will be asked to come in and discuss such behaviour so that a solution can be reached. We have a zero tolerance approach to any sort of ‘bullying’ whatsoever and are fortunate that the ethos of the school encourages mutual respect at all levels. Please feel free, at any time to voice your opinions, objections or suggestions.


Other than daily ‘inspection’ of children on their arrival, we perform weekly Health & Hygiene checks (Mondays), and make this a fun, learning experience for the children (i.e. hair, nails, general appearance, etc.). Parents will be contacted telephonically or via a note in the communication book if there are any concerns. We keep a ‘Day Book’in which we record any instructions from parents, incidents that have occurred at school, (i.e. grazed knee when fell off scooter and action taken, etc.), observations (i.e. temperature) and will contact parents telephonically or via sms to inform them of the afore mentioned when it happens. Hand steriliser is used by all staff and surgical gloves are used for changing soiled nappies. We do our utmost to prevent cross-infection and request that parents also encourage hand washing habits at home whenever children use the toilet and before eating.


This is structured and planned in accordance with guidelines laid down by The Basic Education Department’s new CAPS Document (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) which is part of the ‘Action Plan 2014’ towards the realization of goals set for ‘Schooling 2025’. This entails detailed themes, methods of instruction and continuous observation and assessment. This curriculum is for 3 – 6 year olds and encompasses Language, Mathematics, Life skills, etc. We have an in-house Early Childhood Development & Stimulation program from 3 months to 3 years, in a stimulating, secure, loving and fun environment. Bible and Character Foundations are also part of the program.


A child’s diet plays an incredibly important role in their behaviour and we believe that good nutrition is essential for young, growing, healthy bodies and minds. Our menu is child friendly, yet includes important vitamins, minerals and fibre a growing child needs. In instances where children are allergic to, or “refuse” to eat specific foods, we will substitute it with alternatives or ask parents to provide any special foods that may be required (i.e. gluten free, diabetic etc.). It is common practise to re-introduce foods in different forms or at a later stage of development. A copy of the winter and summer menus is attached. (Please see Allergies Section in Enrolment Form).